02 March 2010

Dynamite Explosion Kills 19 People in Yemen

Sanaa - A total of 19 people were killed in dynamite explosion in Yemen. The explosion occurred at the storage depot of dynamite in the basement of a residential building.
"We thought it was dynamite," said a local official in the city of Taiz, Yemen south, where the explosion occurred as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (2/3/2010).

The official said the explosion occurred Tuesday morning caused a three-story residential building collapsed. Two homes nearby also partly destroyed.

So far, nine bodies have been found. The rescue workers were still looking for 10 others who were believed buried under the rubble of the building.

Around 15 others were injured in the incident.

According to these officials, the dynamite was believed to belong to a Yemeni businessmen and contractors who use explosives in the road construction work to flatten the hills. He does not live in the building.

Investigation of the causes of the explosion was carried out. However, preliminary findings indicate that the incident was a mere accident.

Yemen is currently highlighted Western countries after the group Al Qaeda in Yemen claimed responsibility for U.S. aircraft blasting the experiment in December.

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