02 March 2010

President of Indonesia SBY: I Take Responsibility

Jakarta - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono declared himself responsible in making decisions Century Bank bailout by the government in November 2008, although the decision was taken not by permission.
"Although I was not in the country at the time, although in formulating action steps that banks and economy should be made to Bank Century and although both the Governor of Bank Indonesia and Ministry of Finance is not through my permission, because he worked with law, I say that what the rescue economy we are right. The first time I made on 23 November 2008 and I repeat again on landing in Cilangkap, in Madison, as an action to save our economy, it's true. And I'm responsible, "he said in a meeting with bankers in his office , Jakarta, Monday (1/3/2010).

On the occasion, SBY asks every layer of society to see tangible signs of global economic crisis that has threatened financial and economic sector in Indonesia.

"So although technically operational by the authorities, but I justify that action. Let us understand what these policies," said SBY.

In front of the bankers in attendance, SBY said Century Bank rescue policy choice made by those in authority at the time, the BI Governor Boediono and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, who was a member of the Financial System Stability Committee (KSSK).

"To measure the right policy or not, certainly not black and white. But if I use the logic of whether to survive or fall like a crisis," he added.

Added SBY, Century Bank rescue policy is to secure the country so as not to catch global economic crisis happened.

As we all know, tomorrow, Tuesday (2/3/2010), Century House of Representatives Special Committee Questionnaire will give the conclusion of the investigation. Decisions will be taken in a plenary session tomorrow.


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