05 March 2010

These important points of SBY speech Century Problem

On Thursday, March 4, 2010 evening, President Bambang Yudhoyono, to respond to the decision of the House Century Bank related cases. Parliament, through voting, decides there is suspicion of violation in the case of Century.
What are submitted SBY? These important points:
SBY asks case be investigated thoroughly Century Bank
"Departure from the intention to seek the full truth and that's essential, I welcome and encourage inquiries on setuntas-tuntasnya Century Bank rescue policy."
"Especially when it developed the view that based on the suspicion that there is a Century funds flow to some people and certain organizations, which of course it should not happen."

SBY about allegations Century bailout funds to finance presidential couples
"I am grateful to the work of the House Committee Questionnaire that truth has been revealed. According to official information the authorized state institutions including the Center for Analysis and Reporting Financial Transactions (INTRAC) and Bank Indonesia are presented in the hearings before the Committee Questionnaire clearly asserted that the allegations of capital while the Bank Century has been misused to support the campaign team mate, vice presidential certain "obviously unfounded" and had never been there.

"This needs to be stated explicitly and loudly so as not to anyone from any of our political background and origin of the party be allowed to get the defamation because his reputation stained arbitrarily with the purpose and intention of the bad politics of damaging the reputation of yourself, family, and institutions. "

Indicators 2008 crisis that led the rescue Century
"Conditions are worse when the indicator has a clear-indikatior.'s Stock price plummeted 50 percent. Rupiah to depreciate 30% more to $ 12,100 for one U.S. dollar, the lowest figure since the crisis in 1997 and 1998. Foreign exchange reserves declined by 12% to around U.S. $ 50 billion. "
"More news print and electronic media then described how the whole world felt the impact that the economic tsunami."

House of Representatives had agreed to forget there is a crisis in 2008
"In November 2008 the members of Parliament, who sat back there in the current Council, voiced their anxiety to the threat of a global crisis."
"Thank God nor the House agreed with the government. This attitude is reflected by the Parliament to approve legislation improving regulation in the financial and banking sector."
"That means the House-even acknowledge the crisis, a crisis which would require decision-making in times of crisis, not a decision-making in the normal."
"The same perception between the Parliament and the Government was now forgotten. Now, it seems that the causes melatar their backs on the action against Bank Century became blurred."

Special Committee also forgot the seconds difficult rescue Century
"What a pity that in the process of debate that took place during the operation Rights Committee Questionnaires often forgotten difficult moment when the decision Century Bank rescue done."

Praise for Sri Mulyani and Boediono
"It is often forgotten, too, that our homeland was lucky Financial System Stability Committee (KSSK) has been formed, led by Dr. Sri Mulyani Indrawati and Prof.. Dr. Boediono, two sons of the nation, the record is not the slightest trace of him left a bad record associated with the competence, kredibiltas, and personal integrity. "
"To those who are in crisis conditions had been instrumental in saving our national economy, we should reward the highest."

SBY was involved in the bailout decision
"Once again, at the moment of decision that I'm abroad. I was not consulted and referral decisions. I also do not provide instructions for making policy about the particulars, partly because KSSK decisions based on regulation No. 4 of 2008, was interest does not require involvement of the President. "

Excess handling of crisis in 2008 compared to 1998
"First, the protocol process of handling the crisis in 2008 more clearly by using the legal basis of regulation No. 4 in 2008. This is a progress, since the crisis year 1998, we have no clear legal basis for handling the economic crisis.
Second, the decision-making process in the year 2008, far more open and accountable decision-making than in 1998. Documentation treatise KSSK meeting made much more tidy. Even the decision-making meeting was recorded by video images and sound.
Third, the handling of the crisis in the year 2008 conducted individually, compared with the year 1998 a very involving the IMF
Fourth, the source of bailout in 1998, is the sole state finance from Bank Indonesia. This we will improve. In the year 2008 was up a system in which the banking industry can save itself a troubled bank. Way through the Deposit Guarantee Agency (LPS). The majority of LPS funds derived from insurance premiums collected banks themselves.
Fifth, with the system, fund Rp 6.7 trillion bank rescue in the year 2008 Century can not be said to be a loss of State. Money for it is an investment or a temporary capital, which is expected to be restored later.
This is also a corrective to the policies in 1998. At that time, the banking crisis fund amounting to Rp 656 trillion actually comes from the state finance and the successful return of only 27%. With the numbers I mentioned earlier, can be seen that the 1998 crisis, the cost of burdening the State Budget to Rp 656 trillion, a huge number compared to the temporary capital of Deposit Institutions Century Bank is valued at Rp 6.7 trillion.
Sixth, the decision in 2008 to help us out of the global economic crisis. This decision led to positive economic growth of 4.5% in the year 2009. Achievement growth boasts, because the highest number three among the G-20 countries after China and India.
Seventh, compared with BLBI law enforcement process that still leaves many issues, including disputes related to never stop release and discharge policy, the government steps in 2008 was the legal action is very fast.
Robert Tantular and his cronies, owner of Century Bank customers who have been deceived, by immediately taken decisive actions. Even Robert Tantular been arrested, tried, and imprisoned. "

SBY claims angry and annoyed
"I also have a feeling that is not easy. I'm feeling really mixed, between anger and resentment against the Bank Century, with the bank after it had to be rescued so that banks and our economy safe.
Feelings and emotions are the same: why do we have to save a bank that does not just since the beginning managed reckless, but also led by people who do have a very evil intentions against this bank: master and carried off the money of its customers. "
About differences of opinion in the questionnaire Century
"Besides, we also know very clearly that there are differences in views and positions of the factions decision on Century Bank rescue. Besides all parties should respect the views and positions, I also argued that differences need not lead to excessive worry."

Committee findings can not criminal
"Although the findings are the conclusions Committee Questionnaire politics, and according to Law No. 6 year 1954 on the Rights Questionnaire, the findings can not therefore be used as evidence in court, all of which must be followed up in accordance with prevailing regulations, with fixed principles upholding the rule of law and fairness.
It may be in times of crisis and emergency department situation, when decisions must be taken very quickly, there are technical problems that may have missed. But it does not mean their policies are wrong and must be dipidanakan. It's difficult to imagine the state we can work well and effectively, if any policy which actually lead to criminal prosecution.
If anything in the implementation of the policy errors and irregularities as found by the Committee Questionnaire Century Bank, we must be sure who is responsible for errors and irregularities that.
We also must know whether it is administrative error, or a violation of law. "

There are indications that crime hiding behind Century case
"In connection with this Century Bank case, instead we should completely follow-up indications of irregularities and crimes by certain parties who actually hurt the country. It may be that, over time, they take refuge and hide behind the political din Century Bank. "

Problem demands impeachment
I appreciate that the majority faction in parliament firmly rejected the possibility of impeachment.
Impeachment mechanism is set in the 1945 Constitution. But we all understand that the rules can only be done in a situation that obviously related to the violations of the provisions of impeachment (the impeachment articles).

About the fate of the coalition after the different opinions in the case of Century
For myself, the main priority is ensuring the programs pro-people, not other issues such as the coalition of political parties that support the government.
The coalition is built with good intentions, agreements and ethics. Whenever there are problems of agreement and ethics, always available solutions right and honorable. Currently there are no more important than efforts to ensure that as the owner of sovereignty, the people have a principal place in every decision, policy, and action steps I took.


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