03 March 2010

Tamara Bleszynski Pregnant?

VIVAnews - Tamara Bleszynski and Mike Lewis finally appear in public and confess about their marriage. Tamara claim to be happy with Mike Lewis. In fact, reportedly wanted to have Tamara momongan of these new husband. Issue, Tamara's body in two.
At a press conference attended about marriage, Tamara looked beautiful and fresh. He was also seen more fat than usual.

From Tamara's body changes, outstanding issues when Tamara was pregnant with the fruit of her love Mike Lewis. However, the news manager denied that a Canadian man.
"Not yet," said Arif, manager Mike when contacted VIVAnews, Tuesday, March 2, 2010.

Arif added when the new couple was still busy with their activities. Arif added when Mike and Tamara still busy filming.
Tamara and Mike were married on February 2 and in Bali. Their marriage took place in Villa Bayu Shabba. Wedding took place quietly and closed. Only certain people are attending the wedding couple.

However, the marriage was reportedly held sacred and smoothly. Mike admitted deliberately chose Bali because it is also the most beautiful island in the world. That he felt the island was the most appropriate place to express faithfully promise as lively as dead with the person she loved and loved. Mike was happy to marry Tamara.
The same thing also expressed Tamara. He was sure Mike would be a good husband and capable of happiness itself. Tamara also was touched, because the man he was younger had a higher social awareness.


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