11 March 2010

Spain Promises Biggest Bonus in 2010 PD

England, Brazil and Spain have announced the 2010 World Cup bonuses. So far, Spain's biggest bonus promised to the players if they can champion in South Africa.

Pocket each member skuat La Furia Roja will become thicker with the addition of 550 thousand euros,
or nearly USD 6.88 billion. Condition, Xavi Hernandez et al should be able to lift the trophy PD 2010.

This is the largest bonus given participant teams South Africa 2010. And this number was almost twice that obtained Spanish players after Euro 2008 win.

Another team has already announced the amount of bonus that is Brazil. Samba Skuat will receive 300 thousand euros or USD 3.75 per player mylar.

While England will reward each player 450 thousand euros or USD 5.6 billion more. Three teams to be a candidate four champions at the annual event which will be held from June 11 to July 11 2010 it.

These bonuses are expected to improve motivation and performance of the players. Not surprisingly, the amount the amount announced far in 2010 before World War was held.

These numbers can also be used as a forum for prospective psychological war opponent.


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