08 March 2010

Iran Start Production short range missile

Tehran (ANTARA News / Reuters) - Iran, Tuesday launched the production of a short range missile capable of destroying targets 3,000 tonnes, official media said.
Iran, which are at loggerheads with the West regarding its nuclear program, often announced in advance its military capabilities in an effort seems to indicate its readiness to respond to any attack.

Neither Israel nor the United States rule out military action if diplomacy fails to resolve the dispute over atomic program which the West feared that aims to make nuclear weapons but Tehran says its nuclear program is only for power generation of peace.

State radio reported Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi inaugurated the production of cruise missiles Nasr-1, without saying where it organized activities.

"Nasr-1 capable missile to destroy targets 3,000 tonnes," he said.

Official IRNA news agency said it was the land-to-surface missiles, but in the near future can also be launched from the air.


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