20 February 2010

The Health Benefits of Sexual Intimacy

From repressive societies to promiscuous indulgences, sex has been a subject of obsession throughout human history, and through many evolutions continues to intrigue us.
The act of intercourse becomes much more than mere copulation when enacted in a healthy way. Keep reading to find out how it can affect your health and longevity.

An Active Sex Life for Longevity
Studies have shown that sexually active seniors are the happiest men and women of any age group. And no wonder: healthy sexual intimacy is nature's veritable fountain of youth. It can raise the levels of substances that lengthen your life span, including endorphins, DHEA, and growth hormone.
And it can lower those that shorten it, like the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. When sexuality is fulfilling, it not only improves the quality of your years, but also the quantity of your years!

Healthy Sexual Practices Enhance Well-Being
The ancient Chinese had a tradition that emphasized the productive transformation of energy during sexual activities. With roots in the Taoist tradition, the ancients developed a discipline using techniques of sexual practice.
As Chinese research indicates, correct sexual practices yield tremendous physical and emotional benefits to participants that include increased circulation, balanced hormonal production, relaxation, greater vigor, and an elevated mood.
On the other side of the spectrum, incorrect practices offer no benefit and can actually be physically and emotionally harmful. If you are looking to include sex in your longevity plan, learn the sexual techniques of fang-chung from the Taoist tradition. When sex is perceived as a natural gift, it becomes an opportunity for harmonizing energies, channel for communication, and an action that strengthens and elevates the spirit.

3 Essential Principles to Healthy Sexuality
Chinese medicine has recognized for thousands of years the powerful effect of sexuality on health, spirituality and longevity. Here are the three principals to healthy sexuality:

1. Be aware of your body and needs
Communicate your needs to your partner and do not force the act if it does not feel natural, if you are feeling low-energy, or if conditions are not safe and conducive. Do not force, or use artificial means to arouse yourself if your energy is low or if the conditions are not safe or conducive.

2. Tune into the seasons
Do as the animals do! Observation suggests that animals tend to be more sexually active in the spring and summer and less so during the autumn and winter. Also, frequency of sex is dependent on your state of health.

3. Be considerate
It is important to gauge your partner's mood, energy, and needs so that you may accommodate them. Satisfaction for both partners is the first step toward reaping the therapeutic benefits of sexuality.

I hope you find the rewards that come from healthy sexual intimacy! I invite you to visit often and share your own personal health and longevity tips with me.

May you live long, live strong, and live happy!

-Dr. Mao


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